May 2009 Newsletter 


S.A.M. Assembly 24

The Jay Gorham Assembly

May 6, 2009

Volume 1, Number 5

Assembly 24 Information


SW Pitts Hose Company of Latham, NY

226 Old Loudon Road

Latham, NY 12110


The second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm


Well it’s FUN!

Our Officers:


Joseph Goode

Vice President

David MacDonald


Robert Conners


Helen Patti

Our Website


David MacDonald

National Website

Next Meeting:

May 12th at 7:30pm

Danny Archer Lecture


April’s Meeting

April’s meeting was a real treat. We had a big turnout to see master creator and magician Mark Mason. Mark’s witty talk, smooth handling, and amazing ability to hold an audience in the palm of his hand made this lecture a night to remember. There was very little time given to the business side, please consult the newsletter for updates.


The Web Site

Please take a moment if you have not and fill-in or update your member information. Compeer Dave MacDonald has worked long hours and produced a fantastic website. He also updated the clip of the month which shows Wayne Dobson performing a simple sponge ball effect. My hat really goes off to Dave here, once again he selected a performance that shows how a simple effect can be entertaining and fun.


New Member

I would like to welcome our newest member Compeer Bill Karabin. At the next meeting Bill will be presented with his certificate of membership. Do you know someone who would like to be a member, invited them to a meeting.

Dues are Past DUE

Dues are only $20.00 for the year. You must be a current member of the national SAM to be a local member. Your dues help make a lot possible. So far this year alone there are three FREE lectures from Mark Mason, Danny Archer, and Michael Paul. ALL remaining dues will be mailed to Bob Connors, Box 245, Round Lake, 12151.

Upcoming Meetings



Classic Magic Month


Lecture Notes


Mark Mason Lecture

Special Date 4/20


Danny Archer Lecture

Special Date 5/13


Magic Mania Night

Magic Style Game Show with Prizes!


Magic in a Bag


The Norb Kosinski Picnic at Bob Connors


Michael Paul Lecture


Show your signature routine


Mark Wilson Course in Magic book – Pick your favorite and perform it!


Holiday Party

More details

This is a tentative schedule that is subject to change. Please check for updates each month.


Normally we meet the second Tuesday of the month which should be May 12th, however we will be meeting on a special night for this month only.

SAM National Conference

This year our annual conference will be held in Buffalo from July 15-18. If you have never attended a national before you really should go to this one. Being so close to home, it is only a five hour drive. There will be some fantastic talent this year and the contests are always a blast. This year’s conference in being dedicated to international star of magic Norm Nielsen.

For more information go to the conference page, 2009 SAM Conference.

Fundraiser News

We have had several meetings on our new annual fundraiser. Compeer Willis White is looking into a location for us at the Saratoga Elks Club. This venue has a raised platform and an ideal space for to accommodate an audience. IT is possible that we will perform two shows in two locations over a one week period. More details will come as we secure a location. Thanks you to Willis and Bob Connors for looking into these possible venues.

Danny Archer in May


Joe Goode

President, S.A.M. Assembly 24