August 2009 Newsletter

S.A.M. Assembly 24

The Jay Gorham Assembly

August 19, 2009

Volume 1, Number 8


Assembly 24 Information



SW Pitts Hose Company of Latham, NY

226 Old Loudon Road

Latham, NY 12110



The second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm



Well it’s FUN!



Our Officers:



Joseph Goode


Vice President

David MacDonald



Robert Connors



Helen Patti


Our Website


David MacDonald


National Website


Next Meeting:

September 8th

Michael Paul Lecture


August Meeting

There is no meeting at the fire house this month.  As you know August is time to go to Round Lake New York, enjoy the scenery, stop in and visit one of the many antique shops, and at some point stop by Compeer Bob Connors’ place for food, fun and magic.  Bob has for years opened his home to our brothers and sisters of IBM Ring 186 for their annual picnic.  Our Assembly has also been invited.  Details are below.

The Web Site – Pictures of the last meeting

Want to see pictures of the last meeting, visit  Please take a moment if you have not and fill-in or update your member information.  Compeer Dave MacDonald has worked long hours and produced a fantastic website.  He also updated the clip of the month which shows Norm Nielsen, who was this year’s honoree of the SAM annual conference.  If anyone was able to attend it, please e-mail me your thoughts, I would love to include them in the next e-newsletter

Magic News…

Compeer and Assembly 24 Secretary Helen Patti, recently received a letter from our National Administrator Manon Rodriguez about two of our members.  A congratulations goes out to Compeer Jean Kinnicutt who will be celebrating her 10th anniversary, and Compeer Dennis Schaf who will be celebrating his 35th anniversary as members of the Society of American Magicians.  Congratulations Jean and Dennis

Also in the news, we have a new National President, Mike Miller was sworn in during the national conference this past July.  Miller is a good friend of Vinny’s and has visited our Assembly several times in the past couple of years.  Along with the Most Illustrious was Mark Weidhaas as President Elect, our own Vinny Grosso as First Vice President, and J. Christopher Bontjes as Second Vice President.  Bontjes was who our Assembly voted for.  Our Regional Vice President is Pat Colby.

Upcoming Meetings




Classic Magic Month



Lecture Notes



Mark Mason Lecture

Special Date 4/20



Danny Archer Lecture

Special Date 5/13



Show your signature routine



Magic in a Bag



The Norb Kosinski Picnic at Bob Connors



Michael Paul Lecture



Magic Mania Night

Magic Style Game Show with Prizes!



Mark Wilson Course in Magic book – Pick your favorite and perform it!



Holiday Party

More details to follow


This is a tentative schedule that is subject to change.  Please check for updates each month.

Please be current on your dues.  That is what helps pay for the programs we have.  You can send your dues to Bob Connors, Box 245, Round Lake, 12151.  Make them payable to SAM 24 for $20.

Fundraiser News

We have had several meetings on our new annual fundraiser.  Compeer Willis White is looking into a location for us at the Saratoga Elks Club.  This venue has a raised platform and an ideal space for to accommodate an audience.  IT is possible that we will perform two shows in two locations over a one week period.  More details will come as we secure a location.  Thanks you to Willis and Bob Connors for looking into these possible venues.

SAM National Conference for 2010

Did you miss the conference this year?  Well then start your planning for Atlanta, Georgia on June 30th through July 3rd.  More details will be available as we get closer.  In the meantime, check for updates at the 2010 Conference page of the SAM website.

Assembly News

Compeer Bob Connors gave me the low down on the picnic.  Bring some magic for the show too, here are the details:

Where:  The beautiful Bob Connors Estate located at 7 Lake Avenue, Round Lake, NY 12151

When:  Sunday, August, 30th at 1:00p.m.

Who:  Everyone is invited along with family and friends.  Please bring a dish to share and a fee of $2.00 per person for cover the cost of hamburgers and hotdogs.

Important…Only bring enough to share with say 5-7 people.  There is always an abundant amount of food where too much goes to waste.  And please…no brownies.  Last year the were so many extra brownies that we sent them to Italy to help with the foundation for the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  The brownies blended in with the color of the ground nicely.

Need directions.  The full address is listed above for GPS, Mapquest, Google maps…  If you need the old fashion directions, here you go.  Take the Northway to exit 11.  Right off the exit on to Curry Avenue and travel for 0.2 miles.  Continue on George Avenue for another 0.1 miles.  Turn right on to Lake Avenue.  Park on the street.  New this year, please bring quarters for the use of the lavatory.

Joe Goode

President, S.A.M. Assembly 24